Real Love

Real LoveBy Richard Anderson

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Can song inspiration come from a supermarket tabloid headline?

I remember glancing at one about a “reality TV” gameshow like “The Bachelor”
or “The Bachelorette” and thinking that there’s a lot of things that masquerade as
love.   And we have promises and hearts that are broken,  $100,000 weddings that 
result in 4 month divorces, and families that disintegrate.

Love has been likened to a rose, a river, a battlefield, and dozens of other things.
It’s been the subject of some of the greatest works of music, art, literature, theater, 
and film.   But there is a secret behind  all this.  Real Love goes far beyond the
flare of emotional and hormonal attraction.  It is based on things like communication, 
constancy, trust, sharing, covenant-keeping and a lot of hard work.

Maybe one more analogy could be used – it’s kind of like a fruit tree.   Neglected 
it will wither and die.   Carefully tended daily by two partners, it yields beautiful,
fragrant blossoms and sweet fruit for a lifetime and beyond.   

Real Love is something far less glamorous, yet far more glorious, than the tabloids
or Hollywood could portray.  


Author: KFB Staff

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