The Fitness Challenge


By Will Anderson

One of the best ways to get motivated to do something is competition. Well, after a week long family reunion in April, some of my siblings and Jamie (my wife) decided to compete with each other in  a three month fitness challenge.  We started by looking up popular CrossFit benchmark workouts. We settled on a workout named “Angie.”  Angie is 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats for time. Since none of us were in peak physical condition, we decided to scale that work out back to 75 of each movement.  We will do the workout and submit our time. Then train for three months until the end of June. The one with the most improved, and also the one with the fastest time will be declared the co-champions. To sweeten the deal, our sweet, sweet mother has decided to indulge the winners with the prize of their choosing. Needless to say, the stakes are high.

This post is going to be an ongoing post were each of us will enter in details of our initial Angie, as well as how we are training for the official, 3-month end workout to gauge improvement.  We hope to inspire as well as motivate each other and readers who may be looking for inspiration to get back into shape and to make time to exercise.

The Bet: Modified “Angie” CrossFit workout: 75 pull ups, 75 push ups, 75 sit ups, 75 squats- for time.

The Terms: Whoever gets the most improved time over the 3 month training period wins.  There will also be a prize for whoever gets the fastest time.

The Stakes: Mom (Cindy) will award the prize of the contestants’ choosing (within reason).

The Players: Will, Eric, Michael, Caroline, Jamie

We will be logging in to give periodic updates on our progress, workout tips we’ve gleamed and diet restrictions we’re imposing on ourselves.


So, here is a short video with excerpts from my workout. It was slow going through the pull ups, but I did them all unassisted. I scored a time of 21:52.

I have been training for the second Angie by incorporating at least one of the movements at the end of each of my workouts. I enjoy circuit training anyhow, so when I finish my prescribed workout for the day, I try to do 75 “somethings”, whether it’s pull ups, push ups, sit ups or squats.


Here is a short video that Jamie did of her workout. As is the case with most mom’s; the workout had to be done with the kiddo’s. Take a look.

I’m pretty sure I have the slowest time but that only means I can get better right! I did my pull-ups assisted (duh!)  and after watching my push ups I can see that I have a lot of work to do, my form wasn’t great, which is very important!  . The hardest part of the work out for me is definitely pull ups so I will be trying to work those into each of my workouts. I tend to get bored really easily so I have to mix my workout up. Some days I do crossfit workouts some days it’s yoga on other days my friends all go to a zumba class! On days where I really just don’t want to workout, (which is quite often!) I will at least try and get out for a walk. I try not to put too much pressure on myself because I have three little kids that take up most of my day, but as you can see in the video it can be fun to get the kids involved too! As far as my diet right now, I’m not restricting myself  too much. I am still nursing my 6 month old baby and I
need the calories. However, I do try to cut back on sugar and bread /pasta. I make sure I am eating fruits, vegetables and protein at every meal. And let’s face it, I LOVE food. I basically plan my day on what to eat!



My sibling work-out challenge exercise regimen (Enter Rocky-styled exercise monologue)

 My good friend and I have been exercising together since I have been here at BYU. Here is an example of a typical week:

 Mon- P90X work-out (ex: chest, shoulders, and tri-ceps) with ab-ripper X afterwards

 Tue- Cardio (There is a 4-6 mile course that I run whenever my knee is feeling ok. There is also this insane flight of stairs on BYU campus that I will run sometimes, again, if my knee is feeling up to it. I have recently taken up swimming…which is super fun/embarrassing. I have however mastered Link’s swim stroke from Legend of Zelda. So there.

 Wed- P90X work-out (ex: back and biceps) with ab-ripper X afterwards

 Thur- Cardio (run/swim)

 Fri- P90X workout (ex: legs and back) with ab ripper X afterwards

Sat- Cardio (run/swim)

That’s a typical week. Its been killer, and I’m feeling stronger already! And I’ve been trying to eat healthier (in general). Cause you get fit in the gym, but slim in the kitchen!


So my first attempt was great, marred by a bit of cheating…I had quite a bit of help on the pull-ups. I am sure the final competition will not allow that help. In order to keep the need for assistance down, I have started to cut-out snacking on food high in fat. I have also switched to a lot of chicken. I have a summer work-out program of running and weight lifting lined up. I am trying to keep a diet of fresh food and vegetables. I am not doing too well on cutting out soda, but I hope to work on everything else to perhaps compensate.


Will: I was able to complete my workout faster than before. I definately felt that I did better through the pull ups and was able to complete longer strands of reps with the other exercises too. I was hoping for a faster time, but I was not completely dissatisfied. It gives me encouragement to keep at it. My final time was 18:38. It was a 15% improvement over my first time. I was able to piece together a video of my second attempt. Check it out.


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  1. jamie
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    Look at us being healthy! Michael, you crack me up. I want to take a swim class!

  2. stephanie
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    Very impressive, guys!

  3. jamie
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    Way to go Will! So proud of all your hard work. Thanks for being such a great example to me!

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