Sibling Fitness Challenge: Round 2

Fitnes v2

By Will Anderson

Well, it’s on!  …. again. This time is bigger and badder than before. More participants, more weight, more glory to be had. The Anderson Family Sibling Fitness Competition is going again.  Due to the success of the last one, more siblings (as well as one nephew and one close friend who is also on the KFB staff) have decided to throw their hat into the ring and go for the glory. (And by glory I mean whatever prize they are competing for.)

So far there are 11 contestants:

Melanie, Justin (Melanie’s Son), Will, Jamie (Will’s wife), Stephanie, Eric, Daniel, Natalie (Daniel’s wife), Caroline, and Melissa (KFB staff and close family friend) and Michael.

This post will be an ongoing competition journal, featuring small reports from contestants about their training, diet and preparation for the second timed workout. Here is the competition details:

The Bet: 

Who can improve the most on a specified workout after two months of training.

The Terms: 

Each participant will record a time completing the following workout:

Run 1 mile, 25 pull ups, 25 thrusters, 25 dead lift

After 8 weeks of training we will all re-time our workouts.

The Stakes:

There will be two winning categories: 1. Fastest time overall and 2. Most improved.

Cindy (Ma Anderson) will provide the winners with their desired prize which has already been submitted to her. Everyone gets to compete for the specific prize of their choosing.  ie  Michael wants a new long board, Will wants some bumper plates from Rogue Fitness, Jamie wants a new pair of jeans, etc.

We hope you will enjoy logging in to read our tales of training, success and smack talk. We hope that it may inspire others who are looking for ways to motivate themselves to make changes, physically and mentally. And that it will also be a fun story of sibling rivalry…. a NEW take on sibling rivalry.

The Competitors Journal:


Will: My time was 16:16. My mile split was 7:48. I was a bit disappointed in my mile since my two younger brothers went at or very near 6:00 flat. I fest strong through the pull ups, thrusters (at 95lbs) and dead lift (135lbs).  So I will be spending the next two months doing endurance work for my mile. My goal is to go sub 7 minutes on the mile.  I also want to go unbroken on the dead lift and two sets on the thrusters and the pull ups. I will be doing lots of thrusters at 115lbs and lots of deadlifts at 225lbs and tons of pull ups. My mile training will consist of lots of 400 meter sprints. If anyone has some good advice on how to train for this thing, let me know. I’m gunning for Natalie for fastest time, since she put up a 13:20.  She was flat cookin’ through the mile and the reps.

Stephanie: Okay, so Monday started with a peanut butter brownie (totally worth it) and ended with a great work out.  I did a full master thread, with 3/5 of the mile inclined, then I did a half master thread, and then a quarter MT.  My first goal is to shave a minute off my mile time by the end of July.

Jamie:  I did my mile run again last night…..let’s just say I will be cutting ice cream out of my diet before going on a run! I too am like Stephanie and want to shave a minute off of my mile by the end of the month. Melissa and I were also talking about trying to do some pull ups un assisted.  We shall see!

Daniel: Between the back breaking workout on Saturday and the crushing 5-set defeat of Roger Federer (my favorite tennis player and reason I started loving tennis in the first place) in the Wimbledon final on Sunday, I learned two valuable life lessons this past weekend:

1) Never believe in anything, and 2) don’t try.
So, it is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. I quit. Everything. Except for Chick-fil-A and possibly Netflix. Yes I realize that by sitting around and stuffing my face with The Original Chicken Sandwiches (TM) smothered in Chick-fil-A Sauce (Also TM), mowing through episode after episode of Cake Boss, I’ll be taking this fitness challenge kind of in the opposite direction of its intent. I don’t know what to tell you, other than there’s plenty of room on my couch for one more.
Stephanie: Love it, Daniel!!  I’m glad Chic Fil A and Netflix made the cut. Chic fil a sauce is super addictive by the way.  I find myself ordering fries just to justify eating the sauce…I regret nothing.
Will: I was lucky enough to have Daniel, Natalie and Michael up for the 4th of July weekend. They were able to join me, Jamie and Melissa for a 6 person fitness-off. Here is a video of some of the highlights of the day.
Will: I have been doing a lot of thrusters, dead lifts and pull ups. I have also incorporated some middle distance sprints and hills into my routine. I felt pretty good through the weights so I should probably focus on the running and the pull ups. However, I did time a mile last night and was 15 seconds faster than my workout time.  I was 7:48 for workout 1 and went 7:33 last night.

Stephanie: Okay, guys, I need a kick in the pants.  Mon-Wed. were great exercise days but I was so busy yesterday that I decided to skip my workout.  SLIPPERY SLOPE!  It is now today, and I really don’t feel like exercising, so any and all motivation, encouragement, or hackelling is welcome.  Ready, set, go!

Will: Steph, just do something light. Easy jog. Go for a vigerous walk. Pump a little iron. You’ll be super glad you did. And it will help keep you working toward forming a habit. Huzzah fitness!

Daniel: Just quit, you’ll never make it.

Caroline: Daniel definitely deserves some kind of award….but Stephanie-you got this!!! Time is passing and tomorrow you will regret not having used it to work towards your goals!

Natalie: Steph I would offer you some words of encouragement, however I am at a bit of a standstill myself. Drove all the way to the pool (like 7 min, but still) and they don’t offer lap swim on Fridays and close early.Now I find myself in the I cream isle picking a Ben and Jerry’s…… Do I get the negative calories cause I made the effort?? Just like the blessings you get when you go to Visit Teach and the person forgot and isn’t home?  Please say yes.

Stephanie: Thanks, guys!  Even Dan’s less than inspiring comment was helpful in a backwards sort of way!  I went for a slog.  No, that is not a typo.  It means slooooow jog.  Keep up the good work everyone!  PS- Mel and Justin, how did your time trials go?

Stephanie: I did a Master Thread tonight tonight followed by this little gem I found on Pinterest: 10 pushups, 20 sit ups, 25 squats, 20 lunges(10each leg), 80 jumping jacks, 60 sec wall sit-do the circuit three times.  I was trying hard not to phone it in on the last round but my legs were jelly.  I plan on using that circuit as a good total body workout on days when I only have time for a short workout.

Jamie: Shaved 7 seconds off my mile! How? Good question since I spent the weekend camping and I ate a lot of camp food, dutch oven peach cobbler anyone? It was gluten free! Ha ha.

I’m going to give credit to the street youths that were taunting me in the park!
Really trying to watch what I eat but I really don’t deny myself either, I mean if I’m going to the movies I’m going to get the popcorn! Small please and no butter. Thank you!

Will: Stephanie, I’m so excited you have started using a bit of circuit training in your routine. I love circuit/cross training. It is way more fun for me than steady state cardio, and it is been shown to be more effective for fat blasting than steady state cardio. Something about the type of energy stores your body taps into while doing high intensity interval training. If you’d like more info I can do some research and dig up a few articles for you to look at.

Natalie: I would love some articles too Will!  Steph/everyone have you ever heard of Tabata workouts? I just came across some on Instagram and I have loved it! It’s a HIT (high intensity training) workout where you have to do the move as hard as you can for 20 secs then 10 second rest.

There’s usually about 6 different exercises and you repeat them 8 times. It takes just over 20 mind and I’m soaked and dead by the end!
Daniel:   Steph and Jamie, commendations all around. That interval circuit sounds KILLER and seven seconds is no small potatoes!

For me, I’ve basically had to start at square one. Did you know, that if you spend three straight years doing no physical activity whatsoever that your body becomes really not used to working out and in fact HATES it?? Don’t feel bad, This was news to me too. So I’m basically having to redo everything. The high school version of myself saw my first couple runs this past week, and then hung his head in shame. It’s been a struggle just to keep it moving for 20 minutes, but my run last night finally felt good. I can feel my legs waking back up and I’m not so wasted after going running.
If I can get my cardio to a respectable level then I won’t have to spend so much time sucking wind during the lifting phase when we test out. As for lifting, I started off slowly, using light weight to get used to cleaning and racking across my chest on the thruster, and really emphasizing good form to get the weight up. Now I’ve started adding the weight. Last night I did 95 pound thrusters (25 reps) in 4 sets, which is a slight improvement on the 15 or so sets I had to do during the baseline workout!
Keep it up, guys!! Knowing that everyone is working out together is really motivating me and making this 1) a really cool communal experience, and 2) a lot of fun! And remember, everyone’s a winner as long as we beat Will.
Melissa: Okay, I’m finally joining the conversation after talking to Will today. I just felt a little weird not being an Anderson Sibling here. But it has been motivating to read what you all are doing.

Other than being more mindful of my food, I haven’t done anything beyond my usual walking. So I definitely need to step it up. I’m planning on running my mile again and ending at Will and Jamie’s workout pad for some pull up practice tomorrow morning. What can I do to be better at pull ups? Mine were pretty weak/nonexistent.
Caroline:  I’m with Melissa. My pull-ups are ridiculous. I would love to hear some suggestions on how to build up strength for those!
Will: OK. so I found a cool demonstration video on how to get better at pull ups. Hopefully this helps:
The Home Stretch: 
We are into the final week before our timed retest. We have bee working for the past 7 weeks on diet, training and conditioning.  We will put updates into the article from each of the competitors as well as the final time and how it compares.
These are the times from the first round.
Will:  For me, the hardest part was the mile. It was a 7:42 for my first workout. I have been incorporating a lot of speed/endurance work these last couple weeks. It has been tough, but I recently did a timed mile and was at 7:16. The tricky part will be to have some gas left in the tank for the weights. I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting to build up my strength and conditioning too. All-in-all, I feel like my 2nd time will be faster, but I don’t know by how much. My goal is sub 15. That would be over minute off my original time and an improvement of close to 10%. In two months, that is a great effort.
Steph: Man, these past couple of weeks have been rough in the exercise department, but my plan for the next two weeks will be to run trial Master Threads and cross train with cardio interval runs and Jillian Michaels-she scares me…
Daniel: I’ve been trying to eat as cleanly as possible, but sometimes bad food just tastes really good, ya know?

As for training, the thrusters are my nemesis! For some reason they don’t seem to be getting any easier. But I deadlift very heavy and last time I timed myself with pull-ups, thrusters, deadlifts, I knocked out my deadlifts in just two sets. Trying to keep my cardio up reasonably well also, although it hasn’t been a big focus since my mile was my strongest event.

 Caroline: I’ve been taking it pretty easy this week in order to recover from my race. But I’ve still been able to run everyday. Next week I’ll start lifting weights again and take a stab at the workout challenge.

I’ve also been working really hard at eating clean and not eating any sweets. I’ve been noticing a HUGE improvement in my workouts. I feel a lot more alert throughout the day as well.



Author: KFB Staff

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  1. stephanie
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    This is going to be solo much fun! Thanks, Will for organizing it!

  2. jamie
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    Oh those sad sad pull ups! My new goal is to at least do one of those bad boys un assisted 🙁

  3. Stephanie
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    You guys look like ROCKSTARS!

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