How to repot an orchid

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by Caroline Williams

One of the many things I love about Blake is that he really likes anything involved with landscaping. He owned a lawn mowing business, plants grass in our fish tank and surprises me with flowers. One of these flowers, in particular, was an orchid. The orchid came in a green vase and sat on our kitchen table. Currently, the orchid is in a “dormant” stage and isn’t blooming. So this past Monday, Blake decided that he wanted to spruce up our orchid. Here are details for how to repot an orchid.

how to repot an orchid

He did some research and off to the stores we went. We searched at several stores and ended up finding our version of a pot ($20) at Target (Target was selling it as a serving dish.). We also found some decorative rocks at Target ($5), some Orchid fertilizer from Lowes ($5), floral Styrofoam ($1) and moss ($1) at Dollar Tree. (Photo 2).

Supplies for repotting an orchid.

Supplies for repotting an orchid.

Once home, Blake started the process of taking the orchid out of its previous pot and cutting off the plastic pot that covered the roots.  Once cut free, Blake had to disentangle the roots.

Untangling roots before replanting the Orchid.

Untangling roots before replanting the Orchid.

Next, Blake placed the orchid in the pot and poured mulch over and under the roots. Once that was done, Blake cut a piece of the Styrofoam down to a small square and hid it in the mulch. This was used to poke the stake into so that Blake could support the orchid. The stake was clipped to the Orchid branch.

How to Replant an Orchid

Place the orchid in the pot, cover with mulch and add a piece of styrofoam to hold a stake for supporting the orchid.


After this, we had some pretty big decisions to make. We could leave the orchid in just mulch, place moss around the orchid, put rocks on top of the mulch or do a combination. We quickly ruled out the moss. I don’t know if you knew this but buying moss from a dollar store is a bad idea. It ended up looking really artificial and well, lame. So we played around with the rocks and decided that we would cover the mulch with the rocks. Here is our finished product and we are pretty happy with it! It was a great way to spend Martin Luther King Day and we also fixed our kitchen sink that day so we are feeling pretty accomplished at the Williams house.


Finish up by covering the mulch with the rocks of your choice.


As a side note, orchids are really easy to take care of it. They only require you to put an ice cube on them once a week and keep them out of direct sunlight. Blake also learned that every now and then you should wipe off the leaves because they can collect dust (who knew?).



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3 comments on How to repot an orchid

  1. Stacey
    / Reply

    Super cool and artsy! I love it! As much as I love flowers, I have never been able to get an orchid to rebloom. I would always just throw them out, now I better learn what Blake knows. Great job you two!

  2. Daniel Anderson
    / Reply

    Awesome article, Caro! And great work you couple of greenthumbs, you!

  3. Dad
    / Reply

    Great article and great results!! How is the orchid doing at +13 weeks?

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