Family Easter Activity: Grow Carrots for the Easter Bunny


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by Natalie Anderson

The kids and I decided to grow carrots for the Easter bunny this year! It is a fun family Easter Activity that is inexpensive and kid friendly.

You will need:

  • Carrot Seeds
  • Cotton balls
  • Zip lock bag
  • 2 pieces of construction paper
  • 1 C of potting soil
  • Paper cup or pot
  • 1 clean diaper (yep a baby diaper)

Carrot growing supplies

We started by sprouting seeds in our little “green houses”

I took two pieces of construction paper and cut out a house shape, I cut a big square in the middle for the sun to shine in! On one side I wrote _________’s Greenhouse and let Finn and B decorate them.

Now you need to start your seeds, the kids are great at this part. All you do is dip your cotton ball in water, sprinkle the seeds on top and put them in a zip lock bag!

Staple or tape your bag in-between the 2 pieces of construction paper and tape it on the window. Now let those babies sprout!

Green house 1

It took about a week to get a good sprout, but you could probably plant them as soon as you see them grow a tiny root.

Easter Carrots

Next we planted our seeds in a cup so they could continue to grow.

I used a mixture of potting soil and water beads to plant the sprouts. This method has saved many a plants in our house! I used to ALWAYS kill my plants because I would forget to water them, then drown them when I would remember!! The beads help the sprouts get just enough water without you having to remember to water them everyday, just what I needed!

Open the diaper over a mixing bowl and empty the teeny tiny beads into the bowl. Try to shake out the cotton inside so that you can get as much of them as possible without any paper.


grow sprouts

Add about ½-1 Cup of water to the beads and watch them grow! It’s crazy how they triple in size with the water. The kids loved this part so I let them play with the gel for a little bit before we mixed in the potting soil.

Kids Help plant


Now mix about 1-1 ½ C of potting soil in with the gel. I had some great helpers for this part as well!

Kids help plant Carrots


Now scoop some soil mixture into the bottom of your cup, put your cotton ball down and scoop some soil on top of the cotton ball. If you have long green sprouts try not to cover them completely so that they can get some sunlight.


We took another strip of construction paper to decorate our cup!




Let it grow!

This is as far as we have gotten, but keep an eye on them and when they are getting too big for your little paper cup, then they are ready to be transferred in the garden. Even though we have made it to the first day of Spring here in Minnesota it is still too cold for these sweet things to be planted outside so we will keep them in as long as we can. I will probably have to transfer them into a larger pot in a few weeks.

Good luck and Happy Easter!




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