Book Review: Hattie Ever After

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by Melissa Wheeler

“I did not believe in hocus-pocus, but every bit of me believed that Uncle Chester was trying to help me one last time.” – Hattie, Hattie Ever After

Hattie Ever After Review - a great read for middle school age and older

Background story

Hattie makes the move from Big Sky Montana to San Francisco after World War I in the award winning book for middle schoolers ,“Hattie Ever After.” This story picks up where one of my favorite books, “Hattie Big Sky,” left off.

Orphaned as a child, 13-year-old Hattie finds herself heir to a Montana homesteading claim in the first book. In order to keep the claim, she must live on the claim for one year – surviving a brutal Montana winter on her own.

Hattie Ever After

In “Hattie Ever After,” the year is 1919, the first Great War has ended, and Hattie finds herself choosing between two big dreams. Should she follow her heart to Seattle or San Francisco? In Seattle are her dear friends Perilee and childhood sweetheart Charlie, who both relocated there after the war ended. Yet San Francisco holds an opportunity to follow her dream of becoming a journalist.

She chooses to go to San Francisco, but this is not the story of a girl giving up an opportunity for a family in place of a career. Hattie makes big sacrifices and ends up learning where she finds her true happiness and how to find balance.

Although this book is written for younger readers, Hattie is a strong character whose struggles and accomplishments are inspiring to all ages.

Hattie Big Sky - great read for young and old with an inspiring and strong female lead.

Hattie Big Sky is the first book in the Hattie series by Kirby Larson


My thoughts

One thing I love about Hattie is that she was inspired by the author’s great-grandmother. I would love to turn one of my ancestors’ stories into an inspiring book series, as author Kirby Larson has done.

I also loved reading about life in San Francisco during 1919, which is when the city is thriving after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire. The people worked so hard to rebuild their beautiful city and bring the world there for the 1915 World’s Fair.

“Hattie Ever After” is a five star read that I recommend for middle-schoolers up through adults. Let me know if you have read it or “Hattie Big Sky.”

Melissa Wheeler is an avid reader and has been since discovering the Box Car Series in second grade. She is now a mother of two small boys and enjoys writing. Read more about her at Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist.







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