“Who We Once Were”

Sat_PMby: Jamie Anderson

As a convert to the church and a constant maker of mistakes, I often get discouraged about my imperfections. I get stuck in a negative thought, “oh you’ve made too many mistakes”,”you should have done better” or “remember that one time when you were less than nice to your husband, your kids, blah, blah, blah….”,   I mean it goes on and on..and on! It holds me  back from feeling close to my Heavenly Father.

Conference could not have come at a better time!

To be honest, I wasn’t all that prepared for conference. I mean, I knew it was coming up, but it had been a busy week before and let’s face it, with three kids to keep entertained, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to pay much attention. However,I am so grateful for general conference and for inspired leaders. Before I had even heard or read the talk by Elder Renlund, I saw the above quote posted on social media and I immediately knew that this was the message I needed to hear! After listening to the talk and later reading it I felt strengthened and hopeful. I have posted the link to Elder Renlund’s talk for those who would like to read it


So what about you? Did anyone else have a wonderful experience from conference? I would love to hear about your experience!


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3 comments on “Who We Once Were”

  1. melissa
    / Reply

    I am just starting to read everything, since I can’t remember from listening (it all kind of blends together to me after listening to soooo many talks). I’m just finishing up the Women’s Broadcast talks and I love the very first talk about filling ourselves with light and truth. She does the comparison of smashing a soda can – the empty one crushes easily, the filled can is impossible to crush. I needed to see/hear that! It motivated me to work harder on filling myself up with light and truth through scripture study, prayer, etc… you know, all the things we are supposed to do 😉 So I can stand strong when those around me are empty or trying to crush me.

  2. Caroline
    / Reply

    Thank you for this Jamie. I needed to hear this. I love that the focus of the gospel is progression. It’s such a beautiful concept that I often times forget!!

  3. Cindy Anderson
    / Reply

    Great article with good insights! We should probably all read this every morning!

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