DIY May Day Flowers


by Melissa Wheeler

My lilacs are blooming just in time for May Day tomorrow. Last week I shared several tutorials for making May Day baskets. Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite flower tutorials  to fill those baskets. I’ve tried to include a variety of flowers for different ages and skills. I know I will enjoy making flowers more than my boys, so they are doing the baskets and I am making the flowers. These tutorials make a little bit of paper go a long way.

Basic Tissue Flower

This is one of the first tissues flowers I made when I was a little girl. My mom taught me how to do it and it is pretty simple. Help children fold the tissue back and forth like they are making a fan. Above is a video. If your child would like something even simpler, then cut out a basic flower shape on card stock and let them glue little squares of tissue paper on the petals.

Swirly Paper Flowers

How to use tissue paper to make flowers for May Day.

This next flower is a little more labor intensive – but very cool! Here is a link to the swirly paper flower tutorial on Wonderful DIY. I’ll be honest, I haven’t made this one yet. I’d love to hear how it goes. This year, I mainly focused on making the below rolled flower.

Rolled Paper Flowers

How to make May Day Flowers by rolling paper.

I love how these Rolled Paper Flowers from One Little Project look so sweet and simple. I had fun at the craft store picking out different shades of red and pink scrapbook paper. If you buy the big sheets of paper, you can get four flowers per sheet. The link has a simple tutorial. All that is needed besides paper is a hot glue gun. I made about 20 of these flowers while watching Anne of Green Gables the other day.

Crepe and Water Color Flowers

How to make a beautiful flower with crepe paper and watercolors for May Day.
This is probably the most labor intensive flower on my list today, but it looks amazing. The blog Craftberry bush shares how to make these flowers using crepe paper and watercolors. They would so beautiful in a vase. If I make these, they will be to keep.

Have fun celebrating May Day tomorrow! Leave a comment with anything you like to do or make to celebrate.


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2 comments on DIY May Day Flowers

  1. Rich
    / Reply

    Melissa – What a wonderful creative idea!! Can you post a picture of a finished
    basket with the various types?

  2. Cindy Anderson
    / Reply

    I remember making tissue flowers with my mom! Fun project to do with kids!

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