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Daniel Ryan Anderson

Born on Valentine’s Day in 1987, Daniel is the fifth of  the seven Anderson kids.  Daniel’s gift for words was evident at a young age. He could spell, write and memorize at an astonishing rate. His favorite was to memorize song lyrics and sing them at inopportune times. Among all the hits he covered, the Beach Boy’s,  “Aruba Jamaica” was an all time favorite.Daniel continued to grow in knowledge and stature and excelled in Cross Country all through middle and High School. And let’s face it; speed in a large family is an asset, if not a key survival skill. His easygoing, accepting nature of others makes him likeable and memorable. Daniel married the women of his dreams, Natalie Johnston of Orem, UT. After 3 blissful years of marriage, they have a 2 year old son Finn. While his career is one in the health insurance industry, his passion comes alive in his writing. From blogs to distinguished online magazines, Daniel writes about what he is passionate about. From sports, to TV, to politics–his humor, insight and skill make his stories come to life in a way that make you read to the very last word.


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