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Eric is number 4 among the Anderson children. Eric has a passion for literature, painting, and inspiring the youth in his community. Eric, his amazing wife Anna, and their adorable little boy William, live in Lyman, WY where they are loved by everyone in their community. Eric teaches high school English at Lyman High School. (Go Eagles!)  When Eric isn’t busy helping the youth, you can usually find him, reading Harry Potter, teaching himself Hebrew, Greek, and Latin or spending time with his family! Eric has a gift for making everyone around him feel special, and truth be told, we all feel a little more special after spending time with him.


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  1. Melissa
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    Hey Eric, I just read this article. Although I don’t have kids in school yet, I found your advice to be quite valuable. I’m tucking it away in my head for a couple years. Also, I think its awesome to hear an honest perspective from a high school teacher. Its like going behind the scenes – it fresh, its helpful and its much needed! Share some more!

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